I love a good makeover story as much as the next person. See what the websites looked like before and how they look now. 


Maureen Prisby is a west-coat jewelry designer that was looking for a turn-key e-commerce site to grow and expand her business.

What she needed/what I created:

  • Total site redesign: I took a Wix site and moved it over to a Squarespace Commerce platform. Logo remained the same. Overall look & feel was completely overhauled. It was important to keep her spirit within the site though, so I made sure her authentic personality she was represented via imagery on About, Contact, and Custom pages.
  • Email platform setup using Mailchimp integration
  • Built to be responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet: this was important for facilitating sales at trunk show events
  • Checkout functionality: prior to this launch, was a wholesale site so I implemented universal cart checkout leveraging Squarespace and Stripe technology. All parts of the purchase funnel were created and overhauled with the customer in mind (SEO optimized)
  • Product page design: we needed to be sure every product had links to custom order options as well as waitlist options. Zoom and overview functionality was also installed. Finally, I consulted on product photography to optimize for web
  • Legal considerations (not advice) were embedded: Terms & Conditions policy, returns & exchanges, shipping (tax rate considerations)
  • Showing is always better than telling. Check out the before and after images below






Authentic Yoga Life is a Texas-based yoga studio. The owner Valerie, needed a site redesign that was more aligned with the DNA of her brand, one that allowed for easy mobile sign-up (her student demographic primarily used their smart phones and the previous site made this tricky), and one that promoted her growing life-coaching business.

What she needed/what I created:

  • Total site redesign: Streamlined overall site experience making sure we made where we wanted the customer to go only 1 click away
  • Email platform setup using Mailchimp integration to grow her subscription list and promote her coaching with the creation of a free downloadable pdf
  • Built to be responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet: this was important for facilitating sign-ups
  • SEO optimization
  • Third-party scheduling integration: Valerie has just signed up with Tula software and needed to figure out a way to seamlessly embed that
  • Showing is always better than telling. Check out the before and after images below





Project Goals: Angela needed a website that was easier to navigate, would facilitate sales of her newly launched DVDs, and represented the next evolution in her personal brand. Other key components were the addition of a digital 'freebie,' newsletter, and 'Welcome' email campaign. Templates were designed and third party integration through MailChimp was setup. All pieces of this project needed to be easily replicated & updated by Angela and her team (prior developers left her with a website that looked all right but took her hours to update via correspondence or attempting to figure it all out on her own).

EMAIL CAMPAIGN CREATION: Angela also needed a few, mobile-friendly, email campaign templates created to build her subscribers and keep them informed. An autoresponder was setup using Mailchimp software that allows for all new subscribers to receive a free gift within an hour of signing up to her site. Next, she needed an email campaign she could send out weekly that reflected her personality, offered tips to her clients, and kept everyone engaged, that is where the 'Angela's Faves' concept came from. I went ahead and developed the creative assets as well as copy/taglines for her to use going forward. Finally, a monthly newsletter campaign was created to review upcoming events, launches, and more. See below: *click to blow up the images...

Working with Brittany to develop a new look and feel for my personal website was easy, productive and joyful. I wasn’t looking forward to the re-design because my website designs have been stressful, time consuming and rarely result in my vision. Working with Brittany was completely different.

1. She is reliable. She does what she says she is going to do, when she promised you she would do it (and often before). This is a rare quality today.

2. She has creative ideas and she listened to me. She gave my site life and personality and understood my brand. My site is not only much cooler looking but it functions better and will help me sell products and share my vision with my clients. When I wanted something changed, she listened and we found a solution that made sense for the overall brand.

3. She is fun. Let’s face it, Brittany is a special woman. She has passion, energy and dedication in everything she does. This is a woman you want to hire.

4. She left us with tools to support us moving forward ourselves. She trained us on how to take over the website and email marketing management ourselves so we aren’t left with costly ongoing fees. We had several video calls which she taped so we can go back to reference them. She is also available for quick questions whenever we are stumped.

I have been working with designers and developers for over ten years. I have revamped my company and personal website over five times and through several different companies/people. Hands down, working with Brittany was the best experience of them all.
— Angela Wagner, Owner


Project goals: Jeff needed and updated site that better reflected his personality and one he could both easily share and easily update with resources his clients could benefit from. Jeff is always reading, always learning and needed an on-line outlet to store his favorite reference materials so he could direct his clients to one, easily updatable, spot on his site. Jeff is also working on launching podcasts in the very near future so his website was set up to facilitate this. Navigationally speaking, the website needed to be easier to get around on and also be optimized for search engines. These factors were also taken into account and are a part of the final product!


Project Goals: Yvonne needed an update for her site that would be clean, approachable (relatable to all demographics; those familiar with holistic wellness therapy and those new to it), and reflect her personality. Yvonne was also looking to streamline her appointment booking system so I was able to implement Genbook software that allows for instant on-line appointment management, along with reviews and other great add-ons that help her automate scheduling (confirmations, follow-up, and more). Finally, Yvonne needed a site she could get her hands on and update quickly (one that was SEO friendly and easy to manage) without having to go through the back and forth of requesting help from a developer for small updates (rate increases, holiday specials, blog posts). I adored this project from start to finish. You can see what a little makeover can do for one small business! Sales and appointments have already increased (one week in).

I was really excited to work with Brittany, I knew she could give me a fresh look for my website and I was right!

I was looking for a hip post modern holistic health- reiki website that would attract individuals of all ages without any religious connotation to it. Brittany understood and provided that vision for me. Her suggestions were very honest and positive.

Time line of conducting my website was met before deadline, I was really happy about that, I felt that she cared and took this project serious and respected my time!

She responded right away to any questions I had or any concerns. Her communication hands down was very professionally and timely!

Also, Brittany was aware of my limited computer skills and she created a tutorial for me so I could update and/or make future changes to my website! It was very user-friendly!

Overall, this experience was very professional, honest, friendly, positive and non-stressful!

I highly recommend Brittany if you are in need for a website!

Thank you Brittany! I love it!
— Yvonne Henry, Founder Complete Wellness